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Rajasthan State Certificate in Financial Accounting (RS-CFA)

R ajasthan State Certificate Course in Financial Accounting is specially designed for students who want to grow their Accounting Skills. This course has all Training Topics, Tools and Strategies required to make a student, more sustainable and scalable. It covers Tally ERP 9.0 with Advance Excel for complete office work.

Module: 01 Company Management
Section 01: Basic of Accounting
Section 02: Accounting Books
Section 03: Fundamentals of Tally ERP9, Installation
Section 04: Creating, Altering, Deleting Company

Module: 2- Masters-Ledgers and Groups
Section 01: Creating, Altering,Deleting Ledgers
Section 02: Creating, Altering,Deleting Groups
Section 03: Voucher Types,Basic Entries

Module: 03 - Accounts for Trading Organizations
Section 01: Cash/Credit Purchase,Sales
Section 02: Return Purchase/Sales,Credit Period
Section 03: Discounts-Cash/Trade
Section 04: Bill-Wise Details(FIFO/LIFO),Price Levels
Section 05 : Voucher Class,M

Module: 04 - Advanced Inventory
Section 01: Integrate Accounts with Inventory
Section 02: Valuation Methods: Weighted Avg. /Standard Cost /Ageing Analysis Section 03: Tracking Numbers,BOM,POS
Section 04 : Batch Wise Details
Section 05 : Different Actual and Bill Quantities
Section 06 : Interest Calculations
Section 07 : Budget Mgmt.,Godowns,Oder Processing

Module: 05 - Reports
Section 01: Outstanding Mgmt. (BR/BP), Cost Center
Section 02: Cost Categories,Stock Categories
Section 03 : MIS Reports
Section 04 : Bank Reconciliation

Module:06 -Accounts for Service Sector
Section 01: Accounting Books
Section 02: Statements of Accounts/MIS
Section 03: Final Accounts

Module:07 -Taxations
Section 01: VAT/CST/TDS/Service Tax
Section 02: E-Return/Challan

Module:08 -Other Topics & Practical Exercises
Section 01: Security Controls
Section 02: PAN/TAN/TIN Numbers
Section 03: Backup/Restore/Export-Import Data
Section 04: Traders,Wholesaler,School,Medical
Section05: Manufacture,Retailer,Nursing Home
Section 06:Petrol Pump,Travels and many more.