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An ISO 9001:2015 & IAF Certified Educational Organisation

The dictionary definition of the word institution is “An organization founded and united for a specific purpose”. True to every word, LBS Group of educational institutions, conceptualized and immediately put to the service of society in 1991 by Mr. Kuldeep Mathur, have proved its mettle in being successful providers of affordable and accessible education to the broader societal stratum. Pursuing this noble cause, LBS group has transformed into one of the fastest growing education service providers in the region and has come to be recognized as one of the most experienced education and training organizations in the region.

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Our Vision: LBS group of educational institutions has been set up on the rock solid foundation of “shraddha, gyan and karma”. Every initiative, every effort in our institution focuses single-mindedly on these three values. So while the mind goes through the process of learning, it will automatically, continually and effortlessly imbibe them and give the individual, a well-rounded, responsible and dynamic personality.

Our Mission: The mission of LBS group is to provide quality instructional programs to all age students with different special needs. We combine traditional education methods with adaptations and modifications to provide stimulating programs for students. Our focus is to develop students’ academic, vocational, communication and social skills to the fullest extent possible to enable them to enjoy improved life outcomes as productive members of society.
To accomplish the mission, each student is the focal point of an interdisciplinary team that meets to assess the student’s present level of functioning and design appropriate programmatic goals and instructional objectives. Planning conferences with parents are held and promote our belief that parents are our partners in education and the strongest advocates for their children.


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